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60 New Customers in Only 12 Months

PIM, MAM and marketing software specialist enjoys another record year

For Contentserv, the past 12 months were a categorical success. With the acquisition of 60 new customers, the marketing software specialist exceeded all expectations.

Rohrbach/Ilm Aug 25, 2016: By the end of August, Contentserv, a leading provider of PIM, MAM and marketing software, will announce the acquisition of the 60th new customer within the past 12 months. These include well-known brand manufacturers and commercial enterprises such as Villeroy & Boch, Roche, Gehwol, Allianz and many more. This tremendous growth in new customers can be traced not only to Contentserv’s strong sales force, but also to the close working relationship with its comprehensive partner network. The common thread running through all of the projects is the introduction of a central Marketing Information Management (MIM) system comprising of both Product Information Management (PIM) and integrated Media Asset Management (MAM) software solutions. This centralized database significantly simplifies and streamlines multichannel output with various languages and channels, such as print, online publishing and eCommerce.

Retailers relying on the Contentserv solution

When it comes to digitalizing the marketing and product communication processes, retailers in particular have extremely complex requirements. As a result, this industry is under strong pressure to respond. While images, product texts and core data must be centrally managed – plus  accessible and maintainable by employees and suppliers – the data still has to find its way to all touch points as efficiently as possible and with the highest degree of automation.

Herein lies the greatest difference. Because food retailers need their advertisements and special offers in print form for instance – to some extent specialized for the individual stores – their interest centers around the print area. In contrast, the fashion industry has a strong focus on e-commerce and requires continuous and prompt access to the latest information. The common denominator when introducing a product information management system is that every company views it as an important strategic measure for providing a sustainable and persuasive product experience.

The benefits of the technologically-superior solution from Contentserv have been recognized by numerous large retailers over the past year, including EDEKA, Marktkauf, basic AG, Eurobaustoff, Erwin Müller and VEGA.

Brand manufacturers are also convinced

Brand manufacturers have diverse, highly-complex requirements as well. Apart from digitalizing the product communication, the product experience is becoming a stronger focus. This begs the question: How can companies enhance their products with appealing content and bring it to their customers across  different countries , target groups, sales channels and touch points? With its technologically-leading  marketing information management solution (MIM), Contentserv has just the right answer. Under the motto “Marketing Power. Fast’n‘easy,” brand manufacturers can rely on this software solution to efficiently manage their content for an appealing and consistent product experience  across all touch points.

Numerous well-known brand manufacturers elected to go with Contentserv’s innovative software over the past 12 months in order to digitalize and  streamline their product marketing processes. These companies include Wenko, Cherry, Villeroy & Boch Gehwol, Gedore, Stahlwille, Rhodius, Elten, Utzin Utz, Vink, Novatio, Sortimo, Novatech and many more.

International sales network expansion

Growth has been especially rapid in foreign markets, which has been bolstered by the continuous build-out of the international partner network and the creation of country subsidiaries. This is reflected in the recent creation of the French subsidiary Contentserv France SAS, with experienced PIM specialist Laurence Caron at the helm as managing director. This move is already starting to bear fruit. The value of the holistic approach, excellent usability and comprehensive functionality of the Contentserv solutions is receiving attention outside German-speaking countries as well. Furthermore, the PIM and MDM market has developed exceptionally well over the past few months, giving Contentserv good reason to be optimistic about the next 12 months, with growth forecasted to increase another 40 percent. Further information about Contentserv can be found at