MxM - for Groundbreaking Product Experiences

Orchestrate your marketing and communication processes highly automated and flexibly. Our Marketing Experience Management (MxM) solution is at the leading edge of marketing automation providing contextual audience targeting and customized experiences across all campaign categories and sales channels.


Offer the rich product experiences your audience expects by creating performant campaigns and promotions. Be confident you have a comprehensive understanding of your product offering.

Find out how customers can significantly increase conversion rate.

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Key Features and Modules

Virtual Products
Create virtual products such as bundles, shop-the-look, and recipes to compel your customers better.
Dynamic Promotions
Offer timely, relevant, and attractive promotions by considering persona, mood, place, and event.
Content Marketing
Deliver topic-based content triggered by events in your marketing calendars.
Customized Communication
Personalize tailor-made interactions and presentations based on persona features, situation, and channels.
Adjust your promotions in real-time by considering availability, supplier preference, and more.
Consider associations and affinities discovered by MxM between products and customers.
Publication Management
Automate your publishing of print or page-based output with MxM’s Whiteboard & Composer.

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