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Contentserv allows you to create a compelling website, support customer service operations, improve customer satisfaction, and enable multiple sales and communication channels. Enhance your organization’s success, today and tomorrow, by mastering your own data.

Valuable Insights

Make better business decisions

Leverage your operational data to create key insights on how best to respond to changing market conditions and better serve your customers and shareholders. Reassess your transactional data, once supplemented with your MDM information, to improve pricing, cost structures, market segmentation, seasonal demand, distribution, and promotions.

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Key Features and Modules

Key Features and Modules
Design partner-specific endpoints for data movements. Maintain segregation between partner data catalog and main data catalog.
Integrated Workflow Management
Allow internal and external contributors to join in your business process.
Data Quality
Ensure your data quality needs are met by having your users define cleansing rules that reflect your organization’s standards.
Golden Records
Create perfect data records from conflicting information sources.
Rich Content Integration
Attach digital assets and rich content from agencies, content aggregators, and freelancers to your structured data.
Version Control
Maintain versions of all your structured and unstructured data.

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