Exciting Keynotes And Innovation Previews

Your Product Data — Why It's More Important Than Ever

Demo: Accelerate Digital Readiness with Product Information Management (PIM)

Innovation Insights: MXM - Power Customer-Centric Product Experiences

Best Practices & Expert Insights

Porsche and Contentserv – An Optimal Solution (subtitled)

How Do You Find the ROI in PIM?

Create Relevant Product Descriptions with Contentserv and AX Semantics

High Quality Item Data as the Building Block for Commerce

The Name of the Game is Speed: Leveraging SaaS Software Capabilities

Onboard Products Faster in Contentserv PIM

Give Data Projects Business Value - How to Align MDM or PIM Initiatives Between Business and IT

Evolution at the Speed of Data: Building Foundations to Drive Commercial Success

Are You Ready? Digitalization and Your Product Communications

Winning Content Syndication: Industry Insights & Best Practices

Customer Experience Is the New Product!

The XSARUS Approach to Make PIM Lead to a Better Customer Experience

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