Boost Your Productivity

Simplify advertising processes thanks to a central production database and significantly streamline all processes for creating online and offline media. Seamlessly merge media data of all types on one single platform and easily integrate them with your product communication — centrally, transparently and revision-proof.

Self-Service Delivery

Make file access flexible and easy for all stakeholders.

In a large organization, many different individuals and teams need secure access to the company’s digital assets.  Contentserv’s DAM component accelerates creative collaboration by making it easy to share and retrieve digital assets, reducing search time, and streamlining workflows to avoid bottlenecks. Maintain a secure environment, giving you the ability to find and adapt localized assets with ease.

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Key Features and Modules

Central Management
Maintain your media files only once — centrally at one single location, regardless of output channel — ensuring your corporate identity remains whole.
Extensive File Formats Support
Gather images, graphics, videos, podcasts, PDFs, InDesign® templates, Office files and numerous other formats in one repository.
Maintain Data Governance
Thanks to central administration, only approved and released data can be used — thereby reducing error sources to a minimum.
Automatic Output
Distribute each file in the right format and resolution, per channel, at the simple push of a button!
Usage Report
Immediately assess which media has been used, when and where it was used, as well as its entire revision history.
No Need for Integration
Because the DAM component is core to Contentserv’s solution, there is no need for integration with an external PIM system.
Comprehensive Search
Find any digital asset quickly and easily, making it immediately ready for use or edition.
Broad Access
Online portal access is available both internally for your employees but also externally for your partners and agencies.
Simplified Processes
Significantly streamline all online- and offline- media creation processes by centralizing all assets.
Clearly Organized Archive
Securely store all your files and access your complete media world at any time via the archive.
Work Flexibly
Allow both internal and external users to quickly contribute to your media creation processes, independent of time or location.
Compelling Presentation
Present your company and products across all media channels and countries with high-end visuals and videos.
Target Group-Oriented Approach
Address different markets needs by offering media variants.
Automated Derivatives
Automatically generate derivative media from high-res files to optimize content quality and format per channel.

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