Digital Asset Management

Control and Protect Your Brand – On and Off the Shelf

Storing, managing and sharing approved and on-brand digital content are challenges many organizations face. With Contentserv’s DAM solution, you can transform operations, communicate with ease and control the total brand experience. Unlike other DAM systems, Contentserv’s is so powerful, you can use it as a standalone solution without a PIM integration.

Power your marketing content

Whether you’re a marketer looking to amplify your brands growth, improve brand consistency or give teams quick access to the most accurate and up-to-date digital content, using a DAM solution gives your customers an on-brand experience every time.

Localize your digital content

Regions can repurpose, edit and share approved digital assets to meet the needs of a particular language or market. Creatives can easily distribute approved digital assets with digital, marketing and sales teams worldwide.

Ignite creativity with automation

Streamline the collaboration process on how you design and manage your company’s digital content. Designers can stay focused on creating or repurposing digital assets and rich media instead of spending time finding or recreating them.

Case Study: Trust – Building a Strong E-Commerce Presence

Learn how Trust, a leading global digital lifestyle accessories manufacturer, successfully built a strong e-commerce presence within just a few months.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

A Digital Asset Management solution allows organizations to effectively and efficiently store, organize, access, manage and share approved digital content and rich media.

Single source of truth

Drag and drop digital files in various formats for easy import and export. Group by brand or categorize your digital assets in a centralized repository across your organization for increased discoverability, accuracy and control.

Search, find and protect

Reduce the time-consuming process of manually searching for or recreating digital assets. Give key internal and external stakeholders controlled-access to all your digital content and rich media – anytime, anywhere.

Greater control and flexibility

Track the digital rights and usage for hundreds of thousands of files to avoid unnecessary fees from incorrect usage, violations or other compliance issues. Reduce cost and complexity of redundant storage.

Deliver rich, vibrant and relevant digital content

Automatically convert digital assets to channel-specific formats when exporting to ensure that each sales channel is supplied with the correct digital asset – in the right file format, size and color. Get full transparency on when and where an asset is/was used.

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