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Conversations with Contentserv: TransPerfect

Conversations with Contentserv

In this episode of “Conversations with Contentserv” we speak with Nick Panagopolous, Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances at TransPerfect, the parent company of translations.com – a leading provider of full range language and business services, including translation, interpretation, website localization and more.

We discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic stacks up to previous global crises, and how TransPerfect supports those in the front lines, patients, schools and businesses in times like this. Nick also discusses the technology and leadership that enables business continuity for TransPerfect and its clients.

Conversations with Contentserv:
World Wide Technology

Conversations with Contentserv

In this episode of “Conversations with Contentserv” we speak with Charlie Lawhorn, Chief Digital Advisor of World Wide Technology, a global technology service provider of innovative IT and supply chain solutions for large public and private organizations.

We discuss how robust Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions strengthen the digital strategies of companies. Furthermore, we chat about how these solutions allow organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition as well as best practices for their successful implementation and deployment.

Conversations with Contentserv: Priint

Conversations with Contentserv

In this episode of “Conversations with Contentserv,” we speak with Jonathan Dropiewski, CEO for the Americas for Priint – a leading multichannel publishing platform for product communication.

We discuss how Priint is adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of responsible leadership, digital transformation and how they are supporting and enabling customers in their mission critical work. We also discuss new and innovative ways of communicating with prospects, customers, employees and partners during this difficult time. Jonathan also talks about working from home as an accepted, practical practice today and what the future might look like five years from now.

Conversations with Contentserv: Productsup

Conversations with Contentserv

In this episode of “Conversations with Contentserv”, we speak with Chris Holley, Head of Partnerships at Productsup North America. Productsup is a leading provider of enterprise cloud software for product content syndication and feed management. We talk about how Productsup is adapting due to the COVID-19 pandemic and delve into what other organizations can do to come out stronger from this unfortunate situation. We also discuss leadership, and Chris talks about what leadership should do, and avoid doing, based on experiences throughout his career.