Increasing your revenue with the same product in a different setting.

Easy as pie!

Do you know the story of the black dress? The one that would look nice on any woman, but never gets picked by anyone who doesn’t look like the shown model.

Imagine you are selling black dresses. Black dresses that would fit nicely for that gala occasion for which a student is invited to. But the same black dress is also very suitable for a distinguished, elderly woman who unfortunately needs to attend the funeral from one of her close friends.

But where both ladies could go to a store to get the personalized experience and adequate service to their situation, when they visit the webshop they both get a disappointing service not very suitable to their specific individual situation – they are shown the one setting with one model.


It is amazing how well shop-employees are able to help their customers and how badly a webcommerce shop is able to do this, even though ecommerce managers put big budgets into personalisation and customer experience projects.

The result is still that everyone is presented the product in the same way. Being it fashion, being it DIY tools or food or any other product, in a commerce environment we are still not able to transfer the knowledge we have about the customer in putting a product in the right context.

Whether it is my black dress story or any other product retailers are still seeing every customer as the same. Somehow, we only look at how we can compete with Amazon or any other marketplace with which we are in a race to the bottom. Because we feel that is the only way to compete these days.

If you are a brand and want to truly engage with your customer, you also want the technology to do this. So, take the challenge and stand out against the Amazon’s, Ali’s or any other marketplace

Every customer is unique then treat her or him that way too.

Being active in the online business, since early 2000, I have seen a lot of changes. From basic informative websites to personalized content based on various aspects, to optimizing search to present the right product even though the search query is multi interpretable. But somehow companies have not succeeded in driving product experience in a webshop.

Products shown in a webshop are for everyone the same. This has brought me to my “do you know the story of the black dress which could fulfill more dreams then she is doing right now?”

I can help you sell more black dresses

 Placing a product in the right context gives you a lot of usp’s  It enables you to bring a better product experience to your customer. It makes you stand out against marketplaces at which you also sell your product. You will increase your revenue and your bottom line.

Are you ready to present a real product experience?

 It is not hard to accomplish a real product experience. Most of you already have set up personas. You need to set up the product experience platform which Forrester has accredited us a leader in her most recent PIM wave.

Harry van Rossum

Harry has been active in various roles with in the online and ecommerce space. He is always trying to challenge the situation, find new business opportunities and help business relations to get more out of online.

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