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edding now banks on the innovative software by Contentserv for its marketing

The successful company edding now optimizes its product communication with Contentserv

Rohrbach/Ilm: March 29, 2016 – edding AG, inventor of the legendary permanent marker “edding No. 1“ and an internationally successful company has started to digitalize its marketing. With the technologically leading marketing software by Contentserv, edding will now optimize its processes in marketing, manage the entire content for the international product communication centrally and distribute the content at all multichannel touch points.

Digitalization of international product communication

Many companies are currently dealing with the topic digital transformation – in particular marketing departments are facing increasingly complex requirements with regards to target-group-specific communication and are subsequently challenged as never before. Companies that don’t centralize their content for product communication while simultaneously highly automating recurring processes will be left behind in the race for new customers. Today’s marketing experts have to be able to quickly and flexibly adjust to changing market requirements in order to be able to distribute the right content at the right time across more and more channels. Those who try to meet these challenges with Excel lists and manual content management will quickly reach their limitations – and all the more on an international basis.

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More than just a permanent marker, edding stands for products that make creative ideas visible. As one of the 100 best employers of the German middle class, edding AG follows the digitalization trend so as to be able to present its product diversity even more target-oriented and flexibly across international borders.

The company is therefore now banking on the marketing software solution by Contentserv. The Marketing Information Management (MIM) will centrally manage the entire content for more than 5,000 articles and numerous product variants – including more than 20,000 images – before distributing these multilingual contents across numerous touch points – in a highly-automated manner. Online channels such as websites, shops and social media play an equally significant role to the classic media such as retailer catalogs, price lists, flyers, POS and fair equipment. An automated translation management furthermore ensures the transfer of all created content into the languages of each specific target market. This makes the processes in marketing more flexible and quicker and guarantees product communication across all media – online as well as offline, nationally and internationally.

Per Ledermann, CEO at edding AG: “We chose Contentserv because their solution convinced us. It was the best solution for our purposes, namely the multidimensional mapping of our product ranges, which we need for our different target groups.”

For more on CONTENTSERV and its solutions, please go to www.contentserv.com.


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