What is the CMO 5.0 eBook all about?

Through digitalization, marketing is continuously evolving. Exciting new trends and technologies are becoming more and more important – and make everyday marketing increasingly more fascinating and complex. What will the future of marketing look like? What will be the pressing topics of tomorrow's CMOs and which core competencies will they need in order to advance their company success?

Discover the answers to these questions and more – Read our current eBook "CMO 5.0 – Marketing of the Future"

Learn about:

  • Why you can not avoid Context Marketing and Marketing Engineering
  • Which innovative technologies will make it easier for you to market both today and in the future
  • Why there must be a bridge between Marketing and IT – and above all – how to achieve it
  • How you can automate tedious processes to save time for the "fun stuff", like campaign creation, design and story-telling

Become an innovative CMO: with the secrets in hand to become a strategic marketing mastermind! 


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