CMO 5.0: Using Digitalization

Companies that want to be successful in the future must make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalization - both in the B2C and B2B sectors. As marketers, two fields of action are of particular importance:

Context Marketing: How do you approach your potential customers in the best possible way - with individual context and relevant content?

Marketing Engineering: How do you integrate meaningful technology solutions for Marketing and systematically integrate them with your existing IT infrastructure and company-wide business processes?

The CMO of the future plays a key role in this process and becomes the central bridge builder between Marketing and IT.

An Extra Portion of Competence, Please!

Innovative technologies already support marketers in their daily work by standardizing and automating diverse marketing processes. In the future, this will increase much more so.

This gives the marketer more time to spend on their core competences - creativity, strategy, concept, storytelling and branding. Therefore the CMO can once again focus on the essentials - namely in order to create an optimal customer experience for existing and potential customers, for example:

  • Where is the target market developing?
  • What are the customer needs?
  • Which stories are suitable in order to convince and win over customers?
  • Which content is necessary?

The CMO must look at all of these aspects and be able to coordinate the necessary technological support. New areas of competence are therefore required, in order to be optimally equipped for innovative future marketing tasks. In accordance with Web 2.0 and Industry 4.0, the CMO 5.0 will also undergo a new development stage, which, in addition to classic marketing, also requires a basic technological and procedural understanding.

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CMO 5.0 - What Matters Most

What are the requirements for an innovative CMO of the future and what opportunities does digitalization offer? Lutz Hädrich and Sandra Skultety talked about the new eBook "CMO 5.0 - Marketers of the Future".

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