Our market-leading media database sheds light on your company and its products.

How do you manage your entire media content for creating and producing advertising material, campaigns and output across all channels while also guaranteeing consistency? Distributed data storage usually poses the biggest dilemma! Having data spread across different servers, drives, branch offices and service providers quickly leads to media-handling insecurities and ultimately causes errors in media usage. This is where the fully-integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) by Contentserv and all of its advantages and benefits come into play.

  • Central Management: Maintain your media files only once - centrally at one single location, regardless of output channel - thereby actively supporting continuous compliance with your Corporate Identity.
  • All Types of Formats: Gather images, graphics, videos, podcasts, PDFs, InDesign® templates, office files and numerous other formats via one database.
  • Complete Data Sovereignty: Thanks to a central administration, only approved and released data can be used - thereby reducing errors sources to a minimum.
  • Automatic Output: Distribute each file in the right format and resolution, for any channel, at the simple push of a button!
  • Complete Transparency: Immediately view information about which media was used when and where, as well as the entire modification history.
  • Seamless Integration: Get a better overview via a media database that is seamlessly and consistently connected to Contentserv’s PIM system.
  • Comprehensive Search: Find all data quickly and easily, making it immediately ready for use or editing.
  • Additional Control System: Fully map your media data’s photo shootings as well as release and correction processes online.
  • External Access: Access to the online portal is available internally (for employees) but also externally (for retailers, partners and agencies).  
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