Resolve Complexity in the Manufacturing & Engineering Industry

Optimize Data and Process Quality and Simplify Product Communication with the Leading PIM Technology

Challenges of a competitive industry are growing

The Manufacturing & Engineering industry is in constant flux, driven by relentless financial pressure and increasing customer needs for more and more complex products. Reducing costs and improving productivity are ongoing challenges in this industry and are therefore the focus of all renewal and improvement strategies.

Because infrastructure and workforce are both aging and costly to replace, there becomes a constant pressure to explore new and more efficient ways of securing affordable and reliable supply, cutting costs, increasing production capacities and maintaining or increasing revenue. In the manufacturing & engineering sector, this big shift is not just about quality and numbers but about adapting to the digital age of technology and information.

Legacy issues and accumulated data inhibit smooth processes

After years of accumulating data from multiple applications for different consumer segments, geographical markets and functions, the bulk of product data across the Manufacturing & Engineering industry is a mess!

Corrupt data is a huge problem for this industry, since inaccurate data in areas like inventory or with suppliers prevents anyone from locating spare parts, analyzing spending or enforcing contracts. In turn this leads to considerably higher costs, including the hidden costs of lost production and downtime.

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