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Kölle Zoo optimizes content through simplified automated workflows

Kölle Zoo optimized its product maintenance and product marketing workload through a centralized system that enabled efficient collaboration and standardized publication of marketing materials.

Kölle-Zoo optimizes collaboration through simplified automated workflows koelle-zoo-featured
About Kölle Zoo

Founded in 1969 by Kurt Landes, Kölle Zoo is one of the leading pet supplies stores in the world. First established in Stuttgart, Germany, the company has approximately 950 employees in 22 local specialty markets that offer competent advice in the areas of aquariums, garden ponds, koi, terrariums, dogs, cats, birds and small animals.

Kölle-Zoo optimizes collaboration through simplified automated workflows

The challenge

Kölle Zoo’s product range comprises approximately 50,000 items. These items were maintained centrally in an ERP system that only offered limited possibilities for the central integration of advanced product information such as image data and marketing content for distribution in different channels. Product images and advertising information were stored in disparate systems, and the process of merging them with the master data for the marketing department was tedious and extremely time-consuming. It was highly challenging to standardize communication among the different distribution channels and the end-user.

The company sought a solution that would allow centralized and consistent product and marketing data management, and efficient publication management.


Kölle Zoo required a solution that would allow it to establish a web-based system to maintain and refine product information and distribute it across all channels such as ERP systems, online shops, POS and print media. The solution also had to support the following:

  • Creation of a central, integrated media data management for all product images, other advertisement content, templates and documents
  • Implementation of a sophisticated workflow and rights management for internal and external users
  • Automated import of supplier data using secure testing mechanisms and data enrichment via mass processing
  • Integration in the existing system landscape via the ERP system X-TRADE and the branch systems
  • Substantial reduction of effort for the creation and publication of marketing media

Kölle Zoo chose Contentserv PIM as its web-based solution. Integrated with its existing ERP and other local systems, it served as a central, leading database for managing, maintaining, and delivering product information. Users utilized the system to manage the product master data once, agnostic of media, before enriching it with corresponding product and marketing information.

Alongside PIM, the company implanted Contentserv DAM to manage image data, advertisement content, templates, and documents. This automated the process of assigning the correct product information to the right digital assets, resulting in the publication of consistent and accurate product content across all channels.

Both systems were fully integrated via one standard interface and one common management workflow. This resulted in centrally controlled task management for all users and fully automated and transparent workflow management. 

Results that matter

Contentserv enabled Kölle Zoo to access high-quality product information for distribution across different channels. By implementing Contentserv PIM and DAM, Kölle Zoo increased workflow compliance through simplified and quality standardization. Additionally, supplier information from other systems is now easily imported and checked to ensure it meets standard data requirements. Lastly, the automation of many previously manual processes means Kölle Zoo is able to save time and costs.

“Contentserv signifies a great reduction of the workload for our product maintenance and product marketing. Thanks to a truly central system, we are now able to ensure that our product communication is quick, up-to-date and of the highest quality.”

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