Contentserv Power is now capturing the Japanese Market

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A promising partnership in Japan: Contentserv and Globalway, Inc.

Together with Globalway, Inc., the software provider Contentserv is on its way to sweeping the Asian market

The Japanese cloud solution provider Globalway, Inc. and the leading provider of Marketing Software, Contentserv have laid the foundation for a strong cooperation.

Rohrbach/Ilm July 5, 2016: Contentserv, technology leader in the areas Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management and Multichannel Marketing solutions, and Globalway, Inc., Japanese implementation specialist for eCommerce and ERP, are ready to capture the Asian market. The German provider of marketing software solutions has successfully implemented projects in Japan in the past, so it was the next logical step to intensify sales on location. The Japanese implementation partner Globalway, Inc., plays a decisive role in this respect and will ensure that the requirements of the Japanese market will be optimally met.

Transfer of Know-how

Germany has a pioneering function when it comes to Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM): Numerous companies already recognized years ago how beneficial and necessary it is to have slim workflows and marketing processes as well as efficient content management and output at all touch points. Correspondingly, the software solutions on the German market are highly developed and well-engineered such as the one by Contentserv. It enables companies to sharpen their competitive edge while at the same time considerably reducing the time and money budget in marketing.

Contentserv in Japan

The technology-leading software producer will now use its extensive expertise on the comparatively young Japanese market to intensify existing collaborations and tap the market’s full potential together with the partner Globalway, Inc. Both companies have already been successfully active on the Japanese market and the close cooperation will surely be the kick-start for numerous promising projects. More importantly, many well-known companies in Europe have their roots in the Land of the Rising Sun. This is one more reason to set up a base here.

Patricia Kastner, CEO CONTENTSERV AG, welcomes this move: “We found a strong partner in Globalway who is very active on the Japanese market. Globalway has vast experience in the successful introduction of IT systems such as Salesforce and Talend, both of whom are already technology partners of Contentserv. This provides them with the necessary competence for a successful introduction of our system in Japan. In addition, Talend is one of our partners. So this cooperation was a logical step for both parties. We are very happy to use this new collaboration to capture the Japanese market together.”

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Contentserv Power is now capturing the Japanese MarketKasia Badura27. July 2016 May 7th, 2018
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Contentserv’s leading software solutions provide retailers and brand manufacturers the ability to organize and optimize their product content centrally. In doing so, they enable customers to provide a unique, emotionally-engaging product experience across all touchpoints.

The Product Information Management (PIM) system by Contentserv ensures efficient, appealing product communication and digitalizes marketing processes, which increases data quality and meaningfulness. The innovative Contextual MDM specializes in managing extensive product ranges including those with local differentiations, enabling unique, tailor-made product experience in real-time across all channels.

More than 300,000 users in 89 countries use Contentserv’s technology-leading software solutions, which have been recognized multiple times by international analysts as leading solutions. There is a reason why Contentserv is one of the 10 TOP innovators and strong performers in the PIM area.