Intelligent Media Production: Catalog Management

Streamline and optimize your catalog processes – anything is possible from creative to automated

When you want to market products in need of explanation and depict a number of product features and variants, you need high-pagination print catalogs, price lists and comprehensive online catalogs. In addition, when promoting technical products, you generally need complex configuration and overview tables.

In eCommerce and the classic mail-order business, aside from online shops, target group-oriented special catalogs and sales catalogs are used to lead the customer through the purchasing process via various customer touch points. It is critical that the product information is consistent across all channels, thereby guaranteeing a uniform appearance.

With its Catalog Management Contentserv provides you with a powerful tool for integrated data management and intelligent and efficient production.

  • Produce many different types of catalogs quickly and dynamically – simultaneously in many languages.
  • Always have an overview over the progress of your publications.
  • Save both time and money thanks to Database Publishing features that automatically output a major share of your publications.
  • Creative or strictly structured?  You don’t have to choose – both can be implemented effectively with minimum manual effort. 
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Flexibility for Print and Publishing

Up-to-dateness and speed are decisive factors for the success of print media – in particular when it comes to demanding publications for various markets and countries.

With Contentserv, you cannot only considerably accelerate and streamline your publishing processes, you also save production time and costs while simultaneously gaining maximum transparency on your media output. Due to numerous automated layout and output processes, you can now save up to 90% of your previously needed time and costs.

You are now able to output different language variants in the twinkling of an eye since all translations are centrally provided in the Contentserv Catalog Management. All parties that are involved in the catalog production such as employees, foreign subsidiaries, external translators, copywriters and graphic designers as well as their individual tasks, milestones and access authorization rights can easily be integrated in all data and media processes.

How to simplify complex Publication Processes

  • Automate and accelerate a large part of your production processes with the central Catalog Management.
  • Your content is always up-to-date in one central data source.
  • Eliminate errors thanks to carefully controlled workflows and automated processes.
  • You can now produce and publish thousands of pages per year in a fraction of the time previously needed.
  • You hardly have a need for a graphic designers anymore.
  • Flexibly produce individual high-end special catalogs, online publications and magazines on-demand.
  • All involved users cooperate centrally and transparently to facilitate an efficient and intelligent media production.
  • You can now create multi-lingual catalogs simultaneously at the push of a button.


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