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ISO 27001 certification – is your data secure?

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ISO 27001 Certification – Is Your Data Secure? - ©iStockphoto.com/MF3d

Maintaining secure information is more vital now than ever before. Today, organizations are responsible for an increasing amount of data — their customers’, as well as their own. Therefore, when evaluating software solution vendors, knowing which data security practices they have in place and how they plan to continuously improve them is critical.

There are few better ways to gauge an organization's information security commitment and capabilities than ISO 27001 certification. ISO 27001 is the de facto international security standard on how information security is managed and serves as the benchmark for determining the quality, breadth and depth of an organizations’ security controls.

Why does ISO 27001 certification matter?

Becoming ISO 27001 certified conveys a clear commitment towards security, mainly because obtaining certification is not easy. Just over 36,0001 certificates were issued in 2019. However, the importance of information security keeps the interest in becoming certified high, with the number of certifications issued in 2019 being 14% higher than in 20182.

In short, ISO 27001 requires that an organization’s management:

  •   Systematically examines the organization’s security risks
  •   Designs and implements a coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls and risk treatment
  •   Adopts an overarching management process to ensure security controls will keep meeting the requirements of the organization

Furthermore, remaining ISO 27001 certified is not simple either. Certified organizations must continue to prove via comprehensive documentation, procedures and formal audits how they have established, implemented, maintained and improved their information security since certification was first issued. Those that maintain their certification show potential customers the value they put on information security and their willingness to have their information security policies and capabilities audited every three years.

You can choose Contentserv with confidence

Contentserv is ISO 27001 certified, which assures our customers that their data security is always a top priority. Furthermore, by complying with ISO 27001 requirements, Contenserv can preventively identify any risks and mitigate them as soon as possible, which allows our customers to remain confident that their data is safe now and will continue to be in the future.


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